Product Flow Chart
Machine TypeHorizontal with flexible bag former and Single Roll Film below system
ProductWafer rolls, Group Pack, Family Pack, Multi Pack, etc
Product SizeL: 100-350 mm; W: 25-150 mm; H: 5-50 mm
Target WeightUp to 500 grams
Seal TypeCenter Seal (Pillow Pack) and Rotary End Seal System
Operating Speed20-80 packs/minute (depends on product and film characteristic)
Packaging MaterialAL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other sealable papers
Supply Voltage220/380 V, 1/3 phase, neutral 50-60 Hz
Power Requirement3.5 kVA/18 amps
Machine DimensionL: 4716 mm; W: 1090 mm; H: 1420 mm
Machine WeightApprox. 1350 kg


  • Cantilevered body for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Adjustable machine feet
  • 0.75 kW AC motor with frequency inverter speed controller
  • 2.7 meters product infeed conveyor
  • Single Reel Bottom Film Holder with mechanical brake
  • Two sets of roller sealer, cold & hot
  • Manual opening center sealer
  • 100-120 mm jaw center (140 or 160 mm) with Safety Clutch
  • Operator panel with machine control buttons and 7″ Touchscreen Delta View and PLC Panasonic
  • Two motors drive system
  • Single servo motor system for 120FBS


Optional Autofeeding is a popular demand for PAVO 120FB Series lineup. PAVO 120FB attached with a vibrator autofeeding is suitable for more than one product in one snack (stick wafer, biscuit, sausages, etc).